How to Sign Out a Boat

Using Zoho: HRRC’s Online Boat Reservation System

There’s a lot of information on here, but don’t be overwhelmed. It’s actually pretty simple to reserve a boat.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the login name: rowhrrc and the password that is mailed to you when you become a member.

To Reserve a Boat

  1. Note the day and time you want to reserve a boat and check for conflicts with other crews
  2. Click “Create Event” in the upper left corner under Zoho Calendar
  3. In the title box type two items, the name of the boat you’re reserving and your name.
  4. In the calendar field, click on the boat name.
  5. Enter a start date and time in the green day and time boxes
  6. Zoho defaults to a 30min time block so set the end time to the desired time (remember HRRC policy only allows 2hrs max per outing)
  7. In the description block enter the crew going out (men’s 8 or women’s quad) and a telephone number.
  8. Click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

That’s it! You need not do anything else! Please don’t mess with preferences or settings.

Boat Sign Up