Juniors Affiliate Program

Rowing is a spring season high school sport in Virginia. In order to promote increased year‐round rowing in the Hampton Roads area, the Hampton Roads Rowing Club allows individual rowing teams to become affiliate members the remainder of the year. Teams will benefit by being insured under HRRC’s policy and by being in compliance with VASRA rules regarding offseason rowing.

Any high school programs rowing under the HRRC name in their offseason (summer, fall, winter) must abide by the following guidelines.

  • The HRRC Juniors affiliate program is broken into two seasons: Summer (June 1 ‐ September 1) and Fall/Winter (September 1 – March 1).
  • All rowers must have a signed USRowing waiver on file before they may participate in physical activity related to rowing or team cross‐training.
  • Programs will submit an official roster and signed USRowing waivers no later than 2 weeks after the start of the season, providing the program time for interested athletes to “try‐out” the sport and decide to continue or not (Summer: June 15, Fall: September 15). Waivers should be turned in immediately for any athletes who join after this point. All materials can be left in the HRRC bay in the location designated.
  • A fee of $10/rower/season helps offset the cost of additional insurance costs to the club. A team check for the final amount based on the most current roster, made out to Hampton Roads Rowing Club, is due no later than 1 month after the start of the season (Summer: July 1, Fall: October 1). Fees for rowers who join after this point should be paid individually as they are collected, though a plan for a group payment may be made if a large number of rowers are expected at a later time in the season, such as for a Learn to Row session or for Winter rowing.
  • This affiliate membership does not permit access to HRRC owned equipment. As in the past, HRRC will continue to consider any requests for support by local high school, including the loan of equipment in times of need.
  • The membership does not provide access to coaches hired by HRRC. Team leadership (athletic departments, parent groups, etc) remain responsible for the hiring and monitoring of coaches for their individual teams. Coaches are responsible for maintaining safety standards, including swim test records, as outlined by USRowing, for their individual teams. HRRC will have no day‐to‐day oversight for this or any other aspect of team operations. If unsafe conduct is reported or observed, HRRC will request a meeting with team leadership to discuss the situation.
  • Any questions should be directed to Helen Greenhough, president of the Hampton Roads Rowing Club.

Download the Juniors Affiliate Program membership form