Head Of The Lafayette Information:
Sunday 26th October 2014

The HOTL is a 5,000 meter head race upon the tidal waters of the Lafayette River. It is requested that hot seating be minimized within a category since the distance from the finish to the dock then to the starting line is approximately 2,500 meters. There is also a Halloween Costume contest for the Best Dressed Boat off the launch dock.

Race Categories and entry fees:
Junior, Novice, LtWt, Collegiate, Master, Male, Female, Mixed

Boat Type (entry fee)
1X ($25) 
2+/2X ($45)
4+/4x ($55)
8+/8x ($75)



Coaches/coxswains meeting:
8:30 AM at HRRC Bay, Robertson Rowing Center.

Race Schedule (Subject to Change):
Men's 2x(All Divisions) 9:30
Women's 2x(All divisions) 9:35
Mixed 2x (All divisions) 9:40
Men's 8(All Divisions) 10:00
Women's 4+/x(All Divisions) 10:20
Men's 1x(All Divisions) 10:45
Women's 1x(All divisions) 10:50
Women's 8(All Divisions) 11:30
Men's 4+(All Divisions) 12:00
Mixed Events - 8+ 4+, 4x 12:30


  1. Be on time for your race. Allow 20 minutes after launch to proceed to the start.
  2. All boats must cross the start when instructed by the starter. Allow 10-15 seconds per boat. Starts will be by boat number sequence.
  3. Boats missing the scheduled launch of their event (final call plus 5 minutes) will be assessed a 60 second penalty, but may still be allowed to race when deemed safe to do so by the starting officials.
  4. All boats must stay within the course. Each missed marker constitutes a 30 second penalty.
  5. Boats proceeding to the start must stay clear of the course. Violation of traffic patterns or disregarding regarding race official instructions are grounds for exclusion or a 60 second penalty.
  6. Boats being overtaken must not interfere with the overtaking boat. Failure to give adequate way may result in disqualification or penalty.
  7. All coxswained boats must cross the finish line with their coxswain.
  8. HRRC reserves the right to alter or shorten the race course to allow for inclement weather.
  9. A Hot Dock will be available for crews and is located 50 meters from the starting line. This dock belongs to a private homeowner and access to this dock will be by permit only available from the Head Dockmaster

Concessions and Sales:
The regatta director shall approve of all concessions and sales prior to the day of the event. No solicitations shall be allowed without prior approval.
Bow and Bib Numbers:
Bow and bow seatback numbers will be provided by the LOC upon check in.
Launch Site:
All launches will be from the Robertson Rowing Center. Hot seating will be accommodated as scheduled with the Dockmaster. Have hot seating crews standing by at the head of the pier WITH THEIR BOW NUMBER. Foot stretcher adjustments will be done on the water, not at the pier, so allow adequate time while proceeding to the starting area. Recovering boats will clear the dock areas promptly. Race launching has priority over boat recovery, subject to direction by the Dockmaster.
Race Course Spectating will be from Mayflower Road only.
Boat Storage:
Boats may be stored at the Rowing Center beginning at 2pm the previous day. Indoor storage must be arranged through the other separate tenants of the Boathouse. Those are Maury and Granby High Schools, and Collegiate and Catholic High Schools. Outdoor overnight storage will be at your own risk. Please provide your own slings. Warm-ups on the race course the day before will be accommodated on a case by case basis.
Trailers and Parking:
Only trailers and the tow vehicle will be on the grass at boathouse grounds. Parking officials will be on hand to assist in directing traffic. Plenty of parking is available at the entrance to Lakewood park and at the parking lot across from the park.
Entry/waiver forms:
The official Head of the Lafayette race application, waiver, and race course map can be downloaded from the links on the right.
Important! - Only the attached waiver can be used. We no longer take the USRA waivers from your team. Entries through Regatta Central only. No team entries will be allowed after October 23, Team entries or requests for changes made after October 25 will be considered on an individual basis, but no guarantee of acceptance is made.
Fees are as noted on the entry form. Make checks payable to: Hampton Roads Rowing Club. Waivers and fees not paid to Regatta Central by credit card can be collected by cash or check at race day at check-in, however team fees will be held to the entry fees as stated by the registration deadline (midnight - the Wednesday before the race). Fees are however preferred in advance. Each and every rower will be required to sign an HRRC waiver before racing. Fees will not be returned for missed or scratched races. Races canceled due to weather will be refunded less an administrative cost.
Medals will be presented to first, place entrants in each race category. Master races will be handicapped over the average age of 21. In addition, a junior team award will be made for the junior team with the most points at the end of the day.

Questions can be directed to: Rob Reali, 757-362-4022 or email Regatta Director.